Security Quotes
The only real Security that a man can have
in this world is a reserve of knowledge,
experience and ablility - Henry Ford
They who can give up essential Liberty to obtain a
a little temporary safety deserve neither
liberty nor safety - Benjamin Franklin
If you want total Security, go prison. There you're fed,
Clothed, given medicial care and so on
The only thing lacking is ... freedom -Dwight D.Eisenhower
If you want a total Security in your family you need to use
Astrocam Products

Our mission is to deliver professional solutions in security
concerns, meeting client’s needs, achieving long-term

Our vision is to become a leader in South-East Asia, specialized
security service provider, a trusted security partner with our

About Us
Astrocam Engineering Pte Ltd is a professional one-stop provider for security solution. We have the security expertise coupled with sound understanding of the local environment to provide you with effective security solutions. Friendly staffs of Astrocam Engineering undergo in-depth training in security installation processes and after sales support, attaining the capability to handle all situations decisively and in a professional manner

Drawing valuable knowledge & experience from Cardea Artemas Security Sole Proprietorship (since 2007), Astrocam Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated, grown to become one of the established companies in the industry providing security solutions & installations to residential, commercial, government premises & statutory boards.

Astrocam Engineering Pte Ltd is build based on company values. We aspire to excel in every facet of our operations, making us your first choice security security provider.
Core Values
  • Business Ethics
    We are accountable for the highest standards of behavior, honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work. We fulfill our commitments as responsible citizens and company
  • Professionalism
    Doing things right with training and education, been industry experts and leaders
  • Discipline
    In adherence to company policy, rules, systems, procedures, schedules, standards and ethics
  • Continuous growth in knowledge
    The desire and ability to develop and incorporate ways to improve ourselves